Psoriasis skin disease

AyurvedGuru is the brainchild of Dr. Manoj Virmani from Karnal Haryana. He has been treating severe cases of Psoriasis through Ayurveda and Panchkarma detox therapies for the past 25 years. AyurvedGuru’s Psoriasis treatment is directed towards finding the root cause and treating it. Our facilities are given below.

Our Team

AyurvedGuru offers a well-experienced and gold medalist doctor team who have more than 26 years of experience in treating psoriasis skin diseases. We provide you with a well-mannered and well-qualified doctor and staff team who are very soft-spoken to everyone. We value all patients and staff.

Psoriasis treatment

Admission Process

At AyurvedGuru an individual or a patient might be required to be admitted for at least 7 days for Psoriasis Treatment. A patient can book an appointment for Psoriasis Treatment through our Website or Call us on +919416011800 / +919416111800 or you can click on the booking button to make an appointment with our doctors. Ayurvedguru performs detoxification therapy to understand the root cause of Psoriasis.

Basic Facilities

Psoriasis treatment

Room Facilities

AyurvedGuru provides a comfortable stay arrangement as per the choice of the patient and their attendants. AC, Non-AC neat and clean rooms with attached washrooms are made available to the patients.

Healthy Food cooked with care is served throughout the day.

Room Service can be availed from 6 am to 9 pm Daily.

Psoriasis treatment

Organic Kitchen

Ayurveda encourages us to live as close to nature as possible. Foods that are organically grown are not only of high quality, but they avoid harming the soil, ecosystem, and nature. Organic foods prevent the entry of toxic chemicals into our bodies and ecosystem.

Psoriasis treatment

Gym Facilities

At AyurvedGuru, we provide a well-maintained gym for the patients and their attendants. 

Your stay during your treatment at AyurvedGuru is full of energy and activity.

One to One Consultation

At AyurvedGuru we believe that the treatment of Psoriasis Skin Disease lies in the Root Cause of the disease and changing the lifestyle and food habits is an important turning point to becoming disease-free for life.

Ayurvedic Psoriasis Treatment


The two Sanskrit words “Shiro” (head) and “Dhara” (exodus) make Shirodhara. It’s an Ayurvedic technique that involves pouring ayurvedic liquid — usually oil, milk, buttermilk, etc — on the patient’s forehead. It’s often followed by a body, scalp, or head massage.

Psoriasis Skin Disease


AyurvedGuru motivates the patients going through Psoriasis treatment by regular counseling sessions and motivation for changing their lifestyle and diet.

Ayurvedic Psoriasis Treatment

How to Reach AyurvedGuru

AyurvedGuru is easily accessible as it is located on the Delhi-Chandigarh Road NH44. 

Delhi to Karnal:- 2 hr 58 min (123.3 km) via NH 44

Chandigarh to Karnal:- 2 hr 16 min (124.9 km) via NH 44 

Psoriasis Skin Disease

Park and Herbal Garden

Daily Morning and evening walk for a patient is very important for a healthy living.

At Ayurvedguru’s herbal garden and park is also a part of the treatment process. We have included a daily 30 min walk-in to the patient schedule.

Psoriasis Skin Disease

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